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Back To Work, Back to Life, Back to Good Health

Doug is scheduled to return to work on February 12th.  He is looking forward to getting back to a routine he once cursed.  His job is very physically demanding: he literally will lift a ton of boxes and move them per day.  He has grown very soft, in a way, over the course of his cancer treatment; though the treatments have hardened him in other ways.  He is just not as physically strong as he was back in December. 

He is healing well.  His pain level is decreasing slightly each day.  He refused to take the last three radiation treatments.  He seemed literally terrified when he thought they were going to wheel him down to radiation while he was trying to get stabilized in the hospital.  He said he felt instinctively that his body was trying to tell him that no more treatments were necessary and the cancer was gone.

I know this whole process has changed him; but, he is still too close to the whole nightmare to really see just how much and in what way.  He had never been hospitalized for the first 52 years of his life.  He says it will be another 52 years so he won’t be in the hospital again until he is 104!  Now that’s the spirit!

Thanks to all who have shown their support for him along the way with their visits, cards, thoughts, and prayers. 

Doug will know nothing about the status of the tumor for about two more weeks, yet seems to know something in his heart.  Doug might well have said the quote below himself.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

— Buddha

Back Home

This story is long from over but having Doug home makes everything much more bearable.  His pain is declining slightly each day though he still walks around looking saddle sore.  He is still on an antibiotic for a few more days; we are monitoring his temperature throughout the day…sometimes he acts like a crabby baby about having that done. 

Now, we just wait to see if the cancer is all gone.  I pray that it is because I don’t know that Doug would go through this all again.  I am not sure I would ever go through it once.

He has received several calls from friends: it is so good to hear him laughing.  Thanks again for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

Back To Work

Just 72 hours after having his chemo port put in:

  1. Doug got to take his first shower
  2. We changed his bandage for the first time
  3. He’s going back to work

His work involves heavy lifting as he is a receiving manager.  He says he is going to do paperwork.  I have never heard him talk about paperwork before.  He works in retail and it is that awful “Black Friday” thing. He is not supposed to lift any more than 10 lbs.  Fortunately, he will be off of work starting Monday for the next 6 weeks.

Good News on the Cancer Front

chemo and radiation
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Mr D. learned yesterday he may not have to have an H-Bomb used on him but perhaps a simple, plain old A-Bomb (like the one Kim Jong Un started with) will work to kill off what his Oncologist’s nurse told him is a “very treatable” (can we say that again “very treatable”?) type of cancer. Now, this is the only real information we have received regarding Mr. D’s malady since the start of this process. One hates to admit it, but as much as we pay for healthcare in this country, there are some bizarre, deranged and maligned doctors practicing on people at this very moment. Don’t let yourself be a victim!

Before we veer off into the weird doctor stuff…we must clarify that Mr. D learned three very important things yesterday:

1. The type of cancer he has is “very treatable”
2. The type of cancer he has rarely metastasizes (spreads to other parts of the body)
3. The type of cancer he has begins with the letter ‘S’. Mr. D needs to learn how to start taking notes doesn’t he?

Upon hearing this news over the phone–an emotional explosion took place, on the writer’s part, much like the one pictured above. One of his coworkers said: “Is he crying? What’s wrong with him?” This is because it didn’t really sound like a cry but more of an electromagnetic pulse of pure joy which literally seemed to shake the room in waves; everyone actually felt it (Whales in the ocean actually heard it).

This story is far from over but it has taken a turn towards good and we have absolutely no doubt that the light-energy of love and prayer from our friends and family have planted a seed of faith and goodness which will grown into a tree of new life in time–new life for Mr. D.

I’ll leave the tales of strange doctors for later, for hopefully, they have been left behind.