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The Holidays

I can’t think of any better word to describe this year’s holidays than….well…stunning.

Doug has had his second follow up with the doctor during his treatment plan and is doing extremely well.  He has had very little in the way of side effects other than a couple of mouth sores from the chemotherapy, and some minor pain as a result of the radiation.

His appetite is good, he is staying active…which is becoming harder to do with the increasingly cold weather.  Despite all of the armchair advice he is getting, he is doing very well on his own; that is the doctor’s opinion.

At this point he’s not even half way through the treatment; it is just dragging along…but I don’t think either of us expects anything other than a positive outcome.  We are both trying to focus on the positive no matter what comes at us from the outside.

Thanks for your continued thoughts, prayers and positive energy.


SONY DSCAt the end of the day I realize how important gratitude really is.  I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and joy when I reflect over all the love I was given over this holiday.  I doubt that any time in my life before now did I ever appreciate what Thanksgiving really means.  Family, love and laugher; I had so much of all that I must smile as I reflect. My stomach is overfull with food and I could almost feel guilty; but I’m not a glutton every day of the year. Thanks to all who made my Thanksgiving 2014 a treasure.