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Star Wars, Mind Wars, Cancer Wars

This whole cancer thing is just a mess: you get mad, you get sad, then you’re laughing about nothing or screaming about everything and all this can happen within a few hours.  The only escape is mindless delusion so that’s why we went to see “Star Wars the Last Jedi” last night. 

Wow, what a distraction…a perfect good guy vs. bad guy movie, a few tears mixed in with some laughs, even felt like cheering a few times!  


Watching Carrie Fisher resurrected on the screen with her tragic ending in the back of your head the whole time…and Debbie Reynolds too—lump securely in throat through most of Princess Leah’s scenes…Luke is back—looking all old just like me…Chewbacca too who gives a teary eyed smile to your heart, these amusing, tiny creatures called “Porgs” who bring a grin whether you feel like it or not: this episode of Star Wars is just a blast.  The lady behind us laughing was almost as fun as the movie.  I didn’t consider myself a Star Wars person; but, I do NOW! Please don’t deprive yourself of seeing this film!  You’ll forget ALL your problems for a couple of hours!

Do you have tobacco?

What product do you see coming forward in today’s society which might be more valuable than tobacco?  Perhaps ammunition or religion?  It won’t be too long before robots are hopping around, feeding us (should they choose so per their programming) poetry, chicken nuggets, and deep fried beef bits.  “God Damn your soul to the fires of hell.”

We haven’t come much further than this:

“May His Holy communion guide you through your dismal life.”