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Miracles, Magic and Coincidence

Having been a witness to a miracle and all the magic things which happened around it (see this) has taken me a quantum leap in consciousness.  When trying to put into words what happened, I get to a point where it even sounds to me that I am talking nonsense.  I talk about God when I really can’t even grasp the concept.  Some, I’m certain, believe that I’m talking about the dude with the pink gown who is painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.   I talk about miracles, synchronicity, time as an illusion, dimensions, portals and things of which I have no direct knowledge; but, I have a gut feeling are part of some experience I am currently having or about to have…or possibly had all my life.

Last night I was trying to explain all this information to Doug and he seems to get nearly angry the more I talked.  I don’t really even know where the ideas and concepts are coming from but seem to just know something which I am supposed to pass along.

Time: I talk about linear time as an illusion–this is one of the things which really made Doug angry.  He said we must share the concept of linear time in order to be able to talk about events from the same frame of reference.  I didn’t disagree but jumped to the idea that words themselves are a limitation (I have often talked about how our minds are trapped in a word prison) at which point Doug got even more frustrated with me because we must use words, as well as time, to communicate.  Doug is very down to earth when it comes to my spacy ideas.

Let me just give you a litany of the concepts in a condensed form which went through my mind as I lay in bed last night:

  1. Time as an illusion.  I believe that quantum physics has already proven this through the concept of quantum entanglement.  Einstein was so freaked out by the concept he called it “spooky action at a distance.”
  2. The deliberate disclosure of UFOs is coming in dribs and drabs because many of influence in this world believe such a revelation would, basically, cause the collapse of society.
  3. Aliens: I talked about them as hypothetically more advanced than we are and that, in human history, when human colonizers came in contact with a primitive culture they destroyed it by smashing the ideals and mores of the culture, spreading disease and enslaving their fellow beings.  Is this a possibility?  Only if the “aliens” are colonizers but it is possible they are here for some other purpose.
  4. Time can be bent and traveled through, like traveling from dimension to dimension.  Quantum physics talks about concepts of parallel universes and even Stephen Hawking was working during his death on the concept of “multi-verses”.
  5. Spirituality and coincidence have been a big part of Doug and I’s recent journey through cancer and the healing process.  I have written many of the events down, some I have not, which are too coincidental to be a coincidence.  Carl Jung referred to this concept as Synchronicity.

Most recently the magical, coincidental events which have taken place on this ride through consciousness and healing are the following:

Over Doug and I’s last year of “tribulation”, we lost one of our beloved dogs, Hanna.  At Doug’s new job, the girl he is replacing is named Hanna.  The man who hired Doug is named Matt.  Matt announced his departure from the store on Doug’s first day: Doug’s hiring was the last official act of this manager who appeared to be much loved by his subordinates some of whom cried at his announcement.  Matt is going to Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Doug was born in Nebraska and owns stock in the company in the form of Berkshire Hathaway.  Lastly, I have referred to in this blog the book of Matthew with reference to chapter 6–this reference is part of what I call the “worry project “(which is having some results) and is ongoing. 


Yellow Moon

So cold my breath turned to snow and sprinkled in the footstep of a sparrow who, unwittingly, had crossed my path before the last sun had set; he wasn’t singing now, too dark too cold–and I was not too bold to venture out before a warming dawn, an icy mouth full of yawn.  Slate gray it was with a border of dark pink–it rose like a broken window shade on my left: quiet, frosty, still: the night was slithering away, it’s belly nearly froze in place had she not been so sleek to slip away.  She was meek, the night because she was the last one of the year.  She had no fear of father sun for he was sure to return; she knew in calmness there is a strength.   The yellow moon emblazoned on my right broke through the blackness of the night and hovered near my every move as I made my way.  The yellow moon, so full and bright, hung like an anchor on a new day full of hope and promise of rebirth and joy.  I followed the yellow moon–it was his noon—for he marked every step in my path, otherwise, I would not have known he took with him the pain of ice cold nights, and pointless, frigid fights against his will.  He was pulling down all the darkness with him into his pit; and so, I knew, it was time to rest a bit and rise again without the frozen fear of pain.

It was time to hope again.


It is never dangerous to be happy.  I thought I had learned this in the last year but I had not.  We lost both of our dogs within five weeks of each other.  Then, Doug was diagnosed with this awful cancer.  Prior to these events of seemingly pointless cruelty and suffering, I had learned a phrase which I was beginning to use with increasing frequency.

“I am really happy right now.”

It was as if I had finally learned the true path to happiness.  Without looking back, or forward, without the qualification of my perceived lack, or my history of pain, or my fear of death, or my inability to see with clarity…I am right now, in this very moment, happy.  I could smile.

Now, it is time to learn again that, despite the current external events, I can rediscover the infinite moment of happiness during which God and I laugh together.

It is never dangerous to be happy.


Replace, seeking employment

Elon Musk  has spoken out against artificial intelligence (AI), declaring it the most serious threat to the survival of the human race.

Robots like these will replace most jobs:

Answering phones, plowing fields, performing sugery…well, at least according to what they are assigned and by whom they are assigned…and to whose purposes they might serve best.  I agree with Elon Musk’s quote.  What will we be doing when most, or all of the jobs are gone?

Cancer Discovery Adventure: The Colonoscopy

The writer includes the clip below because it is very similar to the actual experience of Mr. D’s colonoscopy. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidence.

Like the beautiful, now 72 year old Terri Garr Mr. D’s nurses expressed loving kindness towards him, truly; and, to his amazement he looked up to recognize one of them, while he tidied his backless gown, as a former coworker at his bookstore. They exchanged pleasantries, then came the IV, the warm blanket (a nice touch) and the just plain old fear.

The writer forgets the humiliation of undressing frequently in front of strangers as he has been through a number of medical experiences; it is a truly humbling experience to bare your rear end to someone who once served you coffee.

Going under at the colonoscopy is the best part; but that is preceded by the doctor placing a huge metal cylinder in your mouth which keeps it open during the upper part of the gastro-experience.  One feels the warmth of Michael Jackson’s favorite drug spread up the arm, down the chest, through the jugulars and it is just then like fairy tale one finds himself in a foggy awakening an instant later, feeling full of gastro-air, looking about in confusion.  Blinking, focusing…now your colonoscopy is over and you don’t remember a second of it.

One is told to just let the gas go after the colonoscopy procedure, for quite a bit of it is pumped into the intestinal tract during the exploration.  Mr. D, didn’t pass a ping pong ball’s worth of air according to his account–very courteous, and tough too!  This writer could have made several really cute balloon animals to pass about to the other farting patients during his dual experience.

The recovery is jovial, because the drug is friendly when administered correctly.  The writer was shocked when a very tall, thin stick of a woman burst into the waiting room.  “Sir, Mr. D would like you to come back and see him,”

The gown was open!

Please stay tuned for the bizarre diagnosis verbiage…..