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The Climb

Looking for old movies…found this triumph.  I had a heart attack, 100 percent blockage of the left ventricle, about four years ago or so.  Cardiac ICU, stent, all that crap. We took this challenge at my behest.  I forgot this video even existed; it shows the power of human will.  Shall we all climb together?

Please take the time to watch the whole thing. 

Doug was behind us all the way!

The Climb Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

Cancer Today: The Primary Care Physician

Part of fighting against cancer is just the visits.  Mr. D is making a lot of visits already and today was no exception.  The primary care physician for Mr. D is his high school best friend, how fortunate, how wonderful–who would better look out for you?  He and his would-be writer partner take much comfort in having an old friend as their primary care physician.

Mr. D's cancer adventure
Mr. D. at primary care, horrible photo yet mysterious.

Mr. D’s primary care physician hadn’t yet heard of his cancer diagnosis. (hmmm we’ll get back to that topic later) When it comes to doctors one feels they might be better off with the old dial telephone, or perhaps pony express. However, it is what is is and what it is is this writer tagged along with Mr. D on the doctor’s appointment just so Mr.D wouldn’t be alone. Mr. D poo pooed the idea all morning: “I’ll be alright, you just stay home and rest.”

The writer rested at the doctor’s office. Who wants to fight cancer alone? He sat in the office worried and counted his own breaths while waiting for Mr. D to emerge. Is there new news? New bad news? Cancer is a roller-coaster.

[aside] This roller-coaster is somewhat similar to trying to follow Mr. D to his appointment as Mr. D drives his truck much like his father Mr. W. that is to say 45 mph down a side street.

No news…Mr. D emerged nervous but reassured, one assumes, that his writer-companion was there to ask: “What did he say, does he know anything new, did you tell him what the psycho-gastroenterologist said, okay…I’ll see you after work…love you…bye.”

As the writer had suggested, Mr. D asked for some anxiety medication with which the Dr. agreed. The writer knows, somehow, that through this chemo-therapy and radiation that Mr. D might require a Xanax or two and perhaps a trip to Colorado.

Warren Buffet’s Party: Kinda Made Me Sad

There were thousands of people there, excited they were to hear the words of one of the richest men in the known universe—-Warren Buffet. They limped in, clamored in, glamored in, white-trashed in, in hopes that the miracle of wealth might bestow itself on them.

The dream of the “silver bullet” of capitalism hitting us paltry investors in the heart, most likely, will never happen. Yet, we cajoled in admiration of the two old gentleman on stage. The Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting was, for the most part, a two man comedy shtick which fell slightly short of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First” routine (yet had its moments of peanut brittle crunching cuteness) and it fell more on the side of black comedy than modern stock market humor.

It seemed that Buffet, and his bug-eyed and longtime partner Munger, were more about staging a “let’s feel good about capitalism show” than a real, fact-filled, state-of-the-company confab. The dark side kept eking out like Buffet’s pennies at the McDonald’s drive thru window.

1. Retail is dead, just go to Amazon.
2. Airline tussles? We own the only four that are left so as long as there isn’t a price war who cares if a few people get dragged down the aisles.
3. There’s no more “low hanging fruit” in which the rest of us losers can invest.
4. Wells Fargo corruption? Well, I wish I hadn’t heard about it but since I did I’ll condemn it.

I think the “Oracle of Omaha” may have hit his zenith a few years back and his huge, failed investment in IBM proves that idea. When it comes to the modern myths of capitalism, Buffet and Munger should probably stick to the peanut brittle before it sticks in their teeth.